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Happy New Year

Greetings Faithful Disciples of Jesus,

Happy New Year’s and I am confident that Jesus will continue to do great things through us! It will be exciting to watch the expansion of our “Gathering Area” come to fruition during the first few months of 2018. What a great way to start off the New Year doing something new and exciting to beautify God's house.

We have something else new and exciting to kick off the New Year. John Geary is joining our staff as our Youth Director and I am very excited about him joining the team. He has shared some ideas with me and I am looking forward to someone helping us reach our young people on media platforms that they will relate to. You’ve seen John, Ruby his wife, and son John around, as we received them as new members on November 12 and we had the privilege of baptizing John III on December 17. Please, if you haven’t already, introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.

Faithful disciples, as we begin 2018 together, will you please ask God to give you the desire and the courage to invite someone to come to His house for worship. We are the key to bringing people to God’s house. We can have the nicest building around; we can have great musicians and wonderful services; we can have a great youth director, but without great guest hospitality and personal invitation, we will not fulfill God’s great commission.

Please don’t keep St. Mark’s a secret from Evansville and Newburgh. We’ve been together for over eight years and I know what a wonderful place this is to come every Sunday. So please, please invite a friend, invite your neighbor, and invite a peer from work so that they too may experience the love of God and the wonderful fellowship we share every Sunday.

Happy New Year’s and thanks for being a wonderful congregation. May God continue to use us as we reach out to help people find and follow Jesus.

I look forward to another wonderful year together in 2018.


Pastor Don

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