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About Us Now

Affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), St. Mark's is an open and friendly church that has been ministering to the Evansville area for over 100 years. Blessed with an active and rich history, we also embrace our present and the promise of our future journey with God.

At the center of our ministry is the Mission Statement, a variation on the Great Commission.

St. Mark's Lutheran Church is called to: Worship, Love, Serve.

St. Mark's is rich with opportunities for all who gather! Our ministries and activities seek to connect you with God, one another, and the world through the transforming presence of God's love. You are welcome to join us in any way - in worship, as a volunteer, and in fellowship.

About Us Then - a brief history of St. Mark's

In 1875, a pastor came from Louisville to set up a Sunday School taught in English, at a time when all of the Lutheran congregations in Evansville used the German language. Growing from these efforts, St.Mark's Lutheran Church began its life as a congregation chartered in 1894. Originally known as St.Mark's English Lutheran Church, they were the first English speaking congregation in Evansville. Three church buildings were built on the corner of Washington Avenue and Elliott Street; the fine structure dedicated in 1915 still stands there. The excellent pipe organ installed in this building was paid for in part by a contribution from Andrew Carnegie.

St. Mark's is the "mother church" for two congregations, Christ Lutheran Church on Mill Road, and Faith Lutheran Church.  In 1959, the congregation extended its outreach through live telecasts over station WEHT-TV; these continued for 18 years, reaching an estimated 15,000 viewers within a 60 mile radius each Sunday. In 1965, St. Mark's moved into their new building at 2300 Washington. A fine pipe organ was also installed in this sanctuary, and refurbished for the centennial celebrations in 1994. St. Mark's has a long history of supporting church music and musicians.

In the Call Process
Journey Music Leader Michael Myers
Garnet Ungar 

Music Director

Michael Myers

Journey Music Leader

Angela Koewler

Office Administrator

Deanna Jones

Preschool Director

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