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Laughing at Jesus

Good Morning,

My text this morning is Mark 5:21-43. In this text we hear about Jesus’ healing miracles but I found it interesting that people laughed at Jesus when He told them Jairus’ daughter was not dead. Why did they laugh at Jesus?

Was it nervous laughter; the way we sometimes do when our emotions are running high, and we don’t know what to say? Was it an angry, spiteful outburst, intended to hurt Jesus? Psychologists often tell us that “hurting people hurt people” and perhaps these hurting people were just lashing out. Or was it a quiet, cynical snicker, by those who simply couldn’t take Jesus seriously? They had endured the religious rules and rituals for years, but now it all seems so hollow, now that a little girl had died. So they laughed; they snickered and scoffed at this one who didn’t know death when he saw it.

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know which of those possible explanations of laughter were plausible on the day that Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter. What we do know is that the same responses are repeated today whenever we bump up against tragic circumstances. When we are Jairus; when the events in our lives are beyond our ability to cope, we too, laugh, or we snicker, or we lash out, because we don’t know what else to do.

Again, I ask why? Is it because we doubt our Father in Heaven can do anything for us. Do we hesitate to come to Him in prayer because we really don’t know Him? Is it uncomfortable to talk to a stranger about that which is very personal?

Brothers and sisters, I promise you, God’s door is wide open and He is waiting for you to come through. Relationships take work and so today I invite you to invest in your relationship with Jesus. Please make time for His word, to have conversations with Him and in doing so your faith will grow in Him. Jesus is the ultimate answer to all of life but many people will never embrace that truth because they do not know Him. The choice is ours.

Let us pray: Precious God, I know there have been times where I’ve hesitated to come to you; I realize now that is on me. Please keep the door wide open and I promise I will do my best to come through it and visit with You more often. I know deep in my heart You wait with open arms and that it is up to me grow our relationship, to grow my faith in You. Amen!!!

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